Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: City of Night

This book was an excellent continuation of the masterful first book, Prodigal Son. In this book Deucalion continues his quest to help detectives Carson and Michael stop his creator Victor Helios (Frankenstein). One of the best things about this book was all of the twists that took place in it. For example, the faltering priest clone decides instead of helping Deucalion as one would expect from his difficulties with his faith, he betrays him to Victor, earning himself a death in an experiment with another clone gone wrong. Randal Six decides the day help for Detective Carson’s autistic brother Arnie is a mother and must therefore be the secret of happiness. Deucalion takes Arnie to the monks in Tibet, and Arnie begins to understand how Deucalion moves at the quantum level. All in all, a whole lot of fun!

All is not fun and games however, Victor’s clones are mutating. Some hideously deforming, some losing lines of programming that tells them how to behave. This of course causes them to resort to their base instinct which is to kill. Unfortunately even the dead clones are not safe as they to have begun to rise in the trash pits where they are buried. Victor, knowing now that his first creation is alive, goes to confront him. Deucalion is unable to fight his creator but escapes easily using his quantum abilities. Detectives Carson and Michael move to the darker side of the law as they use an old contact to acquire illegal weapons to help kill Victor.

Overall, a fantastic read. An excellent build up for a climactic conclusion in the third and final book. Although when that book is scheduled to come out is anyone’s guess. If you know, please comment and let me know when it is due for release.


At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Lana Lang said...

May 8, 2007, at least in the UK:


At 10:29 AM, Blogger Jeff's Book Reviews said...

Awesome! Thanks Lana!


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